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Forensic Investigative Associates, Rod Stamler and the U.S. "National Coalition against Crime and Tobacco Contraband"

During the Canadian smuggling ‘crisis’ of the early 1990s, one of the most prominent advocates for a tobacco tax rollback was Rod Stamler, former assistant commissioner of the RCMP. (Stamler was hired by the Canadian tobacco industry — see p. 10 of Imperial Tobacco’s memo to BAT headquarters about its tax rollback campaign.) Stamler and his firm, Forensic Investigative Associates, are still active on behalf of something called the “National Coalition against Crime and Tobacco Contraband.” This Coalition has all the hallmarks of a tobacco industry front group. However, FIA’s “reports” on the threat of tobacco smuggling in the United States are still widely circulated, often with no indication of who is paying the piper.

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