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A Leaked Document From Imperial Tobacco Shows How The Canadian Convenience Stores Association And Its Affiliate Were Used As Front Groups To Block Health Regulations And Tobacco Taxes
World No Tobacco Day 2016 Media Release
Change is in the air! Over 100 Ontario social housing providers going smoke-free
The Non-Smokers’ Rights Association praises the federal government for increasing federal tobacco taxes - the first time since July 2002
Non-Smoker of the Year 2013: Ingrid Cathcart
Conservation Co-op First in Canada to Become 100% Smoke-Free: Members Vote 73% in Favour
Canada's laws don't meet international standards of transparency and health protection, say national anti-tobacco organizations
Big Tobacco Big Winner as Harper Government Decimates Federal Tobacco Control Strategy
Critics blast Convenience Store Association tobacco tax rollback study
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According to the latest results from the Canadian Community Health Survey, in 2014, 18.1% of Canadians aged 12 and older-about 5.4 million people were smokers. According to the same study, males smoked more than females: 21.4% vs. 14.8%.
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